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Industry Expertise

Terabit's unique specialization in six key areas allows us to maximize value for our clients.

Submarine Cables


Terabit Consulting analysts authored some of the first market and traffic forecasts for wholesale submarine cable business cases.  Since then, project developers, financiers, and suppliers have leveraged Terabit's unparalleled expertise to plan for submarine cable projects along every major route, to accurately forecast the future of the submarine cable industry, and to map clear market strategies.

Terrestrial Fiber Networks

No other consultancy can match Terabit's experience working with terrestrial fiber optic network developers at nearly every stage of the network ecosystem - from municipal fiber networks to vast transcontinental mesh configurations.  Whether you're looking to connect Hong Kong to Frankfurt, or uptown to downtown, Terabit is your best choice for feasibility analysis.

Broadband Initiatives


Operators, governments, and multilateral institutions around the world rely on Terabit to plan and implement successful broadband development strategies.  Terabit's leadership in public-private partnerships (PPPs) as well as open-access broadband business models makes it the preferred partner for successful broadband promotion, implementation, and acceleration.

Project Finance

Terabit Consulting works closely with concessionary and commercial lenders, as well as project developers, to provide accurate strategic analysis, determine viability, and deliver positive outcomes for telecommunications infrastructure projects.


Terabit offers its clients strong regulatory expertise, having worked closely with national regulators to maximize market success, as well as investors seeking to safely navigate regulatory uncertainty on every continent.  The Terabit regulatory perspective covers all aspects of the public and private sectors, across fixed and wireless technologies, at the retail and wholesale levels, in emerging markets and mature economies.


With extensive project experience in the convergence of mobile and fixed, submarine and terrestrial, telecommunications and energy, Terabit offers a unique strategic approach to its clients, with the ability to identify and understand convergence trends and opportunities before they take hold in each market.

Leverage the Terabit Consulting advantage
to maximize your success.

Specialized forecasting framework

Forecasts of the international telecommunications industry developed by Terabit’s analysts have proved to be extremely accurate through a number of unexpected events, dating back to the dot-com bubble burst of the early-2000s.  Terabit's proprietary forecasting methodology, which has been developed in partnership with network engineers and economists, identifies opportunities and threats long before they impact the marketplace.

International network of local expertise

Terabit regularly works on-site with clients and other stakeholders across all six inhabited continents.  In addition to its full-time consultants and analysts, Terabit maintains a reliable network of local experts around the world with whom it closely collaborates to provide unique insight and local understanding with consideration of market development, economics, regulation, and technical issues.  Terabit speaks the language of your market.

Commitment to timely execution

Terabit understands the time-sensitivity of broadband, ICT, and network development and adheres to strict deadlines in its workplan to ensure that its work is delivered to clients on-time.  Given Terabit's extensive market-specific experience, ongoing data and intelligence collection, and continuous interaction with leading stakeholders around the globe, Terabit can often leverage its existing in-house expertise to deliver projects in 30 days or less. 

Accuracy and quality assurance

Terabit Consulting’s Data Quality Assurance process has been developed in collaboration with experts over the course of the last two decades and includes detailed and innovative measures to identify, measure, and immediately address all issues of accuracy, precision, consistency, and completeness.  Terabit's project platform allows for distinct sourcing and isolation of all analytical input as well as sensitivity analysis.