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The next generation of submarine cable infrastructure depends on Terabit analysis.

From groundbreaking projects such as the East African Submarine Cable System, the Pacific Caribbean Cable System and the Seychelles-East Africa System to the next-generation networks Seabras-1, Asia-Africa-Europe-1, and Hawaiki: investors and lenders look to Terabit Consulting for industry-leading modeling and forecasts that are consistently reliable, accurate, and authoritative.

Committed to connecting the unconnected.

In Africa, Terabit was a proud participant in the first public-private initiative to bring fiber optic connectivity to East Africa and has since been involved in more than a dozen fiber infrastructure projects across the continent.  In Asia, Terabit has been the lead market advisor since 2012 for the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway, which aims to address the extreme bandwidth inequality in Asian markets.  And around the globe, Terabit has worked diligently to develop viable business cases for providing connectivity solutions to unconnected islands, from Montserrat to the Seychelles to Rodrigues.

Navigating complex regulatory environments on behalf of stakeholders both public and private.

A full understanding of market dynamics and opportunities requires strong regulatory expertise.  With its extensive in-house experience and legal and regulatory partners around the globe, Terabit's regulatory expertise maximizes success both for regulators and their clientele.

Recent Terabit Success Stories



Terabit performed a detailed analysis and forecast of wholesale bandwidth demand in 20 countries, as well as strategic price and market share analyses, for a major investor in the 25,000-kilometer Asia-Africa-Europe (AAE-1) submarine cable project as part of the investor's business case evaluation.  AAE-1 entered service in 2017 and the investor subsequently executed wholesale agreements for more than 1 Tbps in IRU sales during the first two quarters of operation.


Australia-US Submarine Cable

Hawaiki's business plan and investors' due diligence was based on market and traffic analysis carried out by Terabit Consulting.  Subsea laying of the $350 million cable, connecting Australia, New Zealand, Hawaii, and the US West Coast, began in late-2017.  The cable will enter service in 2018, bringing Australians and New Zealanders their first new link to the continental US since 2000.  Bandwidth prices in Australia & NZ have already become significantly more competitive as a result.

Middle East ICT Hub

Engineering a Proactive Regulatory Environment

Terabit issued strategic recommendations, scenarios, and roadmaps to the most proactive national telecommunications regulator in the Gulf region, as part of an effort to position the country as an international ICT hub through the development of improved international telecommunications infrastructure.  The project also included detailed analysis, forecasting, and benchmarking of international telecommunications infrastructure in six Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and other peer markets worldwide.

Digital CASA Initiative

Central Asian Terrestrial Fiber Network

For the world's largest multilateral development bank, Terabit executed a detailed analysis and forecast of markets, regulations, bandwidth demand, and infrastructure in underserved Central Asian markets.  Terabit proposed three phases of network deployment and evaluated feasibility, costs, and benefits for each: Phase I, consisting of OPGW deployment within the aegis of the CASA-1000 program; Phase II, consisting of infrastructure sharing among incumbent fiber optic network operators, and Phase III, consisting of new construction.


Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway

Since 2012 Terabit has served as the primary market advisor for the United Nations' AP-IS project, which leverages linear infrastructure to improve regional connectivity.  Terabit has performed detailed analysis of 29 markets, modeled traffic flows, inventoried and mapped existing networks, and identified cross-border gaps in connectivity.  Terabit has also explored policy, operational, and financing options to improve regional connectivity, including public-private partnership models, as well as synergies between existing transport infrastructure and fiber optic network deployment.

Reconnecting Montserrat

Int'l. Fiber Connectivity for the First Time in 20 Years

The British Overseas Territory of Montserrat has been without international fiber optic connectivity since the eruption of the Soufrière Hills Volcano in 1995.  Terabit Consulting has worked with the Government of Montserrat and the UK Department for International Development to develop a viable business plan for reconnecting the island to submarine fiber and expansion of domestic broadband.  The international cable link entered service in 2020. 

Industry Expertise

Terabit's unique specialization in six key areas
allows us to maximize value for our clients.

Submarine Cables


Terabit Consulting analysts authored some of the first market and traffic forecasts for wholesale submarine cable business cases.  Since then, project developers, financiers, and suppliers have leveraged Terabit's unparalleled expertise to plan for submarine cable projects along every major route, to accurately forecast the future of the submarine cable industry, and to clearly map market strategies.

Terrestrial Fiber Networks


No other consultancy can match Terabit's experience working with terrestrial fiber optic network developers at nearly every stage of the network ecosystem - from municipal fiber networks to vast transcontinental mesh configurations.  Whether you're looking to connect Hong Kong to Frankfurt, or uptown to downtown, Terabit is your best choice for feasibility analysis.

Broadband Initiatives


Operators, governments, and multilateral institutions around the world rely on Terabit to plan and implement successful broadband development strategies.  Terabit's leadership in public-private partnerships (PPPs) as well as open-access broadband business models makes it the preferred partner for successful broadband promotion, implementation, and acceleration.

Project Finance


Terabit Consulting works closely with concessionary and commercial lenders, as well as project developers, to provide accurate strategic analysis, determine viability, and deliver positive outcomes for telecommunications infrastructure projects.



Terabit offers its clients strong regulatory expertise, having worked closely with national regulators to maximize market success, as well as investors seeking to safely navigate regulatory uncertainty on every continent.  The Terabit regulatory perspective covers all aspects of the public and private sectors, across fixed and wireless technologies, at the retail and wholesale levels, in emerging markets and mature economies.



With extensive project experience in the convergence of mobile and fixed, submarine and terrestrial, telecommunications and energy, Terabit offers a unique strategic approach to its clients, with the ability to identify and understand convergence trends and opportunities before they take hold in each market.

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1st Session of the Asia-Pacific Information Superhighway Steering Committee

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An examination of the weak international telecommunications infrastructure in many Asian markets and the developmental impact of low international bandwidth, the drivers of bandwidth demand, and strategies to ensure successful network development including the leveraging of linear infrastructure for fiber deployment.

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A discussion of the role played by submarine cable feasibility studies, particularly the market and traffic study and due diligence tools for submarine cable projects.  Analysis of intercontinental bandwidth demand, mobile data and fixed broadband traffic requirements, content providers' bandwidth demand, and a historical overview of the submarine cable market. 

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